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10 Creative Storage Solutions to Keep Your Kid's Toys Organized and Tidy

May 18, 2023 3 min read

10 Creative Storage Solutions to Keep Your Kid's Toys Organized and Tidy

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As a parent, you know that keeping your kid's toys organized can be quite a challenge. No matter how many times you tidy up, it seems like the mess reappears within minutes. To help you maintain a clutter-free space, we've compiled a list of 10 creative storage solutions that will not only keep your child's toys organised but also add a touch of style and fun to their room.

1. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Transform a simple over-the-door shoe organizer into a versatile storage solution for small toys, action figures, or stuffed animals. The clear pockets make it easy for your child to find their favourite toys, and the organiser can be easily hung on the back of a door or inside a closet to save space.

Small Toy Organiser
Image: Designer Trapped

2. Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman serves a dual purpose: it provides a comfortable seating option and a hidden storage compartment for toys. Choose an ottoman that complements your child's room decor, and teach them to store their toys inside when playtime is over.

Storage Ottoman
Image: Value City Furniture

3. DIY Toy Chest on Wheels

A rolling toy chest allows your child to move their toys around the room with ease. You can create your own by attaching casters to the bottom of a wooden crate, basket, storage chest or bench seat.


Storage Chest


Image: Temple and Webster 

4. Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

Transform wall-mounted bookshelves into a clever storage solution for your child's toys by using bins or baskets to hold smaller items. The shelves can also display larger toys, making it easy for your child to find and put away their playthings.


Wall Mounted Book Shelves

5. Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Utilize the space under your child's bed with rolling storage drawers. These can hold toys, games, or even clothes, keeping them out of sight and easily accessible. Customize the drawers with paint or decals to match your child's room decor.

Under Bed Kids Storage Studio McGee
Image: Studio McGee

6. Pinboard Wall Organiser

A pinboard wall organiser provides a flexible and visually appealing way to store your child's photographs and lightweight personal items. You can even paint or upholster the pegboard to match your child's room colour scheme.

Pin Board
Image: Studio McGee

7. Toy Hammock

A toy hammock is an inexpensive and space-saving solution for storing stuffed animals, dolls, or soft toys. Hang the hammock in a corner of your child's room, creating a cozy and organized spot for their plush friends.

Hanging Kids Chair Three Birds Renos

8. Art Supply Cart

An art supply cart is perfect for keeping your child's drawing and craft materials organized. Use clear plastic containers or mason jars to store crayons, markers, and pencils, while larger bins can hold paper, glue, and scissors. The cart's wheels make it easy to move from room to room as needed.

Kids Art Supply Organisation
Kids Art Supply Cart
Image: 1. Rachel Parcell

9. Lego Wall

If your child is a Lego enthusiast, consider dedicating a wall in their room to display and store their creations. Attach Lego baseplates to the wall, allowing your child to build directly onto the surface. This not only keeps the floor clear of Lego pieces but also encourages creativity and showcases their masterpieces.

Lego Storage
Image: Hill Town House

10. Dress-Up Clothes Rack

A dress-up clothes rack is a fun and functional way to store your child's costumes and accessories. Use a freestanding clothing rack, or create your own by attaching a curtain rod to the wall. Add hooks and bins for storing hats, wigs, and shoes, creating a designated spot for imaginative play.

Kids Clothes Rack
Image: RC Willey


By implementing these creative storage solutions, you can keep your child's toys organized and their room tidy, while also adding a touch of fun and whimsy to the space.